Who Qualifies

There are several ways to qualify for a Costa Rica Residency Card.

Pensionado is the most common, followed by Rentista and Inversionista for those not yet on a pension.

Talk to Laura first and get clear on all these and why you choose one over the other.

Some websites, “barstool advisors”, well intentioned friends, and even embassy staff can dispense incorrect information about these issues.

Qualification Categories:

You only need to qualify for one. Laura can tell you which one is ideal for your circumstances and why. Rather than wade through reams of text, let Laura explain it to you in simple terms.

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Retire to Costa Rica – Already Retired?  Laura can tell you about the minimum personal income and other requirements to get your Costa Rica Residency Card. This is the least intrusive method to apply.


Immigrate to Costa Rica as a Legal Resident – If you aren’t retired, but you don’t need to work in Costa Rica, Laura can explain the minimum personal income and other requirements you need to immigrate to Costa Rica.


A bit more involved than the previous two categories, Laura can explain the minimum investment amount and the very specific requirements needed to qualify under this category.


Directly related to a Costa Rican citizen? (husband, wife, daughter, son, etc.) Let Laura explain how this category works for you.


After three years of temporary residency under the above categories, you can upgrade to permanent residency. Permanent residency comes with fewer restrictions and renewals.


After seven consecutive years of CostaRica residency, you are entitled to apply for Costa Rica citizenship. This comes with significant additional benefits.

Laura can also answer these common questions about the following highly misunderstood subject:

  • What is “CAJA” (ka-ha)? (Costa Rican universal health care).
  • How do I get it?
  • How expensive is this?
  • Why do I need it?
  • What has this got to do with my Costa Rica Residency Card? (everything)

100% Success rate! Comment by clients at the end of the process:
“WOW Laura…!  No way we could have done this on our own! ”

Here is an image of the alternative reality… 80% of these applicants will be declined due to incorrect or incomplete documentation.


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