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March 27th Update

Monroe NY: March 27, 2020

Correspondence from Dr Vladimir Zelenko on Treatment of COVI D-19 in New York

Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko
Board Certified Family Practitioner
501 Rt 208, !v!onroe, NY 10950
March 23, 2020
To all technical professionals around the world:

My name is Dr. Zev Zelenko and I practice medicine in Monroe, New York for the last 16 years, I have cared for approximately 75% of the adult population of Kiryas Joel, N.Y., which is a very close knit community of approximately 35,000 people in which the infection spread rapidly and unchecked prior to the imposition of social distancing.

As of today my tean has tested approxiinately 200 people from this community for Covid-19, and 65% of the results have been positive. If extrapolated to the entire cominunity, that means more than 20,000 people are infected at the present time. Of this group, I estimate that there are 1500 patients who are in the high-risk category (i.e. >60, immunocompromised, cotnorbidities, etc).

Given the urgency of the situation, I developed the following treatment protocol in the pre-hospital setting and have seen only positive results:

  1. Any patient ,with shortness of breath regardless of age is treated.
  2. Any patient in the high-risk category even with just mild symptoms is treated.
  3. Young, healthy and low risk patients even with symptoms are not treated (unless their circumstances change and they fall into category 1 or 2).

My out-patient treatment regimen is as follows:

  1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
  2. Azithrotnycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
  3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

The rationale for my treatment plan is as follows. I combined the data available from China and South Korea wth the recent study published from France (sites available on request). We know that hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc enter the cell. We know that Zinc slows viral replication within the cell.

Regarding the use of azithromycin, I postulate it prevents secondary bacterial infections. These three drugs are well known and usually well tolerated, hence the risk to the patient is low.

Since last Thursday, my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel New York and another 150 patients in other areas of New York with the above regimen.

Of this group and the information provided to me by affiliated medical teams, we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations.

In addition, I have not heard of any negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.

In sum, my urgent recommendation is to initiate treatment in the outpatient setting as soon as possible in accordance with the above.

Based on my direct experience, it prevents acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), prevents the need for hospitalization and saves lives.

With much respect,

Dr. Zev Zelenko

cc: President Donald J. Trump; Mr. Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff

What I learned from a near death encounter with SARS in 2003

I would like to offer the following as something positive and accessible to most readers. This has everything to do with Covid19.

I’ll begin by qualifying myself as someone who survived a virus that nearly killed me back in 2003.

It also originated from bats in China.

It was called SARS-CoV. Remember?

My fiance actually contracted it first. While his gym workout partner (a very muscular 26 year-old), ended up in a hospital with the same thing, my fiancé toughed it out at his home by sleeping upright in his easy chair for 5 straight days & nights till things subsided. If he tried to lay down to sleep, he would choke. His throat was nearly swollen closed. With far less hype about the outbreak at the time, he thought it was just a severe flu and followed his normal flu protocols: Herbal teas, sleep, raw multi-colored fruits and salads, peanut butter – comedy and action movies.

Since he had pneumonia several times in earlier years, he assumed that his scarred lungs were just having a more difficult time fighting against this particular flu. Three weeks later, he and his workout partner were back in Golds Gym with full vigor. Annoyance passed.

He kept his distance from me as he recovered (we lived apart). But shortly after he recovered, I came down with symptoms of flu as well. These symptoms were different from his. I was anemic and extremely weak and pale. This felt very odd. After one week of struggle, I went to a GP who confirmed SARS flu symptoms. He immediately sent me to a blood specialist. The virus had settled in my spleen and my white blood cells were depleting alarmingly fast. I was treated at the local cancer clinic to get my blood cells count back up. This lasted almost a year before I received a bill of clean health from the specialist. He would tell me years later that he had never seen anyone with such a low white blood cell count survive. He attributed this statistically unlikely outcome to my otherwise healthy lifestyle. (Keep that in mind.)

In 2009, another virus invasion occurred. Influenza A (H1N1)pdm09. For a timeline of its rage, link to:

My husband caught the H1N1 as well, likely due to his scarred lungs. But he recovered even faster than from the SARS-CoV years before. This time I was in Costa Rica while he was still in Canada. I did not contract the virus and strictly followed protocols in Costa Rica. That was in addition to my normal diet of fresh fruits and veggies that my mother and I would always purchase at a local farmers’ market.


This is the accessible part for those living in Costa Rica…

Farmer’s markets tend to have produce that is more ripened and are available only hours after being harvested from the field. No shelf life required. The longer a veggie or fruit ripens in the field, the greater it’s uptake of nutrients.

That is all the more significant here in Costa Rica.

While the breadbasket states of the U.S. and Southern Canada fret over how much longer the 6 – 8” of depleted topsoil will sustain crops, here in Costa Rica we have meters-deep soils loaded with volcanic sourced minerals built up over billions of years. Yes… there is controversy over factory farms that produce piña and bananas and melons with a lot of chemicals. But they are still nutrient-rich well beyond what you buy off a North American store shelf if purchased fresh out of the field here. For those of you worried over the latter, go to farmer’s markets or stores with higher quality Costa Rican produce. Be assured that most farmers’ market produce comes from small, independent farms. The bananas in particular don’t look as nice a hybrids, but taste better and are mostly free of pesticides.

Remember: Each fruit or veggie color represents a mineral, vitamin and phytonutrient. (there’s more to it than that, but I am trying not to be scientifically tedious).

Aside from my near-death encounter with SARS in 2003, I have rarely been sick even during my years in the U.S. and Canada during winter months of cold and flu season. Growing up earlier in Costa Rica with a very conscientious mother from Nicoya, proper nutrition and athletic lifestyle only seemed natural. I passed all of this on to my daughter who went on to be a track star in her teens. She rarely gets ill during the annual flu and cold seasons despite daily commutes on New York subways.

All these habits used to be a mainstay in Costa Rica but the fast food – pop culture and two-income family lifestyles and divorce have changed things in the urban areas. On the other hand, some of the world’s oldest living folks are still to be found in the Nicoya area. (Please do not now race off to Nicoya.)

There are no magic bullets. Quality of life for the vast majority of us is determined by personal decisions. Life stress drives some of us into the weeds of bad habits and over-reliance on drugs. Too many retirees have bathroom vanities that resemble pharmacies. But the fundamentals of human health will never change. When we feed our bodies the right materials and allow them proper rest, our natural systems perform astounding feats of self-protection.

A compelling observation about the “Spanish” flu (which did not originate in Spain) from 1918 was that there was a much higher survival rate amongst people infected who lived in rural areas. The distance from others had failed to protect them but they survived at a much higher rate than their urban neighbors. It was clearly attributable to their fresh air-and-sunshine environments, fresh, homegrown produce and physical sturdiness from sustained physical activity demanded of life on the farms. Nothing has changed.

I am not a healthcare professional. Just someone who cheated death with some basic practices. I have been deluged these past days with emails from worried folks. They are terrific people who came to Costa Rica with a great intent for a life above the norms of quality up north. Some are the kindest souls I have ever met. It pains me to see them burdened with such worry. Some are extremely healthy and savvy about what I have written above. Some are not. Many reading this may be offended or embarrassed. Please take it in the right context. We’re all being threatened by an unseen enemy.

All of us are going to be infected at some point. Arm yourselves with ancient biological weaponry.

I would encourage some of the more inquisitive to link to: and then: This is the same producer of the groundbreaking documentary, Forks over Knives (available on Netflix).

I have met and personally gotten to know the outstanding professionals behind this site. Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son, Dr. Tom Campbell. They do not sell supplements or any kind of snake oil magic cures. Just intelligent knowledge accessible to all. Follow even 50% of it and you will enjoy great improvements in your health both throughout this current crisis and well beyond.

Then when things improve for you, pass it along to others in need.



Queens NY: March 26, 2020

(First hand up to date from Laura B. Gutiérrez)

My son-in-law Manny is now home with Covid19, which he contracted on his job at a Queens NY hospital as a P.A. (Physician’s Assistant). He is recovering and expects to be back on the job by Sunday, March 29. (Out for 7-day cycle.)

He gave me a real-world update on what actually took place in the last two weeks. Initially, only part of one hospital floor was designated for treating Covid19 patients. Then the whole floor. In less than 7 days, the entire hospital was treating Covid19 patients and unable to keep up for lack of ventilators and other needed med supplies.

What actually happens:

The sequence is always the same. The patient comes in, is short of breath with severe lung congestion. If they are not put on a ventilator, they eventually become incoherent, and soon they lose consciousness as their brain starves for oxygen. The blockage in their lungs inhibits the oxygen receptors for the uptake of outside oxygen from air and discharge of toxic CO2. Oxygen is essential for all body functions, and in particular, immune system function and even the muscles that control the lungs’ expansion and contraction. Once put on a ventilator, it boosts the patient’s oxygen supply. Unfortunately, once on the ventilator, the body immediately becomes dependent on that artificial source of oxygen and utilizes less of its own “powers”. The ventilator has to be turned up as a result. This is not always sufficient to save patients who arrived too late and, or had pre-existing conditions, especially the old.

Days later, the patient is weaned off slowly once achieving an acceptable level of recovery. Some fall back short of oxygen if weaned off too quickly, which is often the case under such pressures to free up medical resources for the next critical arrival. The patient then needs to be put back on the ventilator. Ergo, the desperate need for ventilators, not to mention beds.

What has shocked Manny the most is the number of men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s coming in for emergency treatment. Most have no underlying conditions save for one: They are obese. Some are also smokers (marijuana). This compromises their ability to breathe and lungs are the primary target of Covid19. Obesity also implies poor diet and deficiencies in much-needed nutrients.


That brings me to the point of this post: While bombarded with protocol instructions day after day, (necessary), we hear precious little about the Elephant in the room: Compromised immune systems due to chosen bad habits (by those with no pre-existing conditions not of their choice.)


There are many complex underlying emotional drivers that lead to poor nutritional choices. Everyone has their story and deserves compassion… up to a point. But the choice to be accountable ultimately comes down to the individual. No government or institution can ever bring that about. Simple education for elevated awareness might be all that is needed for a change to new life-enhancing habits for many.

I’d like to give it a simple try here.

Tolerance for these bad habits has become all too pervasive over the past 50 years. Health and nutrition experts have been shouting warnings for decades. Poor diet and over-consuming oneself into a compromised physical condition and then expecting a public healthcare system to finance and provide ineffective treatments of the consequences is unsustainable.

We have now literally arrived at that point.

The math and biology that has been stubbornly ignored by so many are having the final word on how things need to, and will be. Feelings, ideologies and tribalism have no say in their arbitrariness. People need to know the math and the biology or they become victims on a long, painful road to oblivion.


Back to Costa Rica

I am an optimist and expect to see a very bright future for LIFE in Costa Rica. My optimism is rooted in my taking heed of the information that is now and will continue to come out of this seismic event. Nothing will ever be the same.

One thing is 100% certain. Costa Rica and all its beauty, great climate, ability to produce nutrient-rich foods in mineral-laden volcanic soils will remain.

I also predict that Costa Rica will become an even more popular retirement destination than ever before. The outcomes of this event will show many highly desirable elements of Costa Rica.

I would like to share some compelling emails and links from friends and relatives in the medical profession that I have received very recently.

(Amid dozens of emails I have received from Residency/Citizenship clients for updates and an avalanche of new inquiries about residency in Costa Rica.

For the sake of privacy, I have not included names below. The texts and links bolster my points about nutrition, lifestyles, and immune health. Take it or leave it. They show reasons to be optimistic. They point to accessible things we can do to protect ourselves through both allopathic (mainstream medicine) and naturopathic means. All the more so in Costa Rica.

Both disciplines have saved my life – twice.


The first intriguing email is from a family member in Canada who passed on a post from a semi-retired coworker. He was the Senior Chief Biomedical Scientist at the Health Protection Agency in the U.K., at the Division of Hospital and Respiratory Infection. He was personally responsible for the Containment Level 3 global service for the dangerous pathogens Francisella tularensis and Pseudomonas pseudomallei.

I just thought I would add a few words with all the media-induced panic and political correctness going on.

As a virus spreads from person to person to person, it goes through the process of Attenuation, where small genetic changes enhance the virus’s ability to coexist with its host. A virus that kills its host is unsuccessful. There are already several distinct weaker variants doing the rounds globally. It won’t be long until the situation is stable. The chances are we will all get infected, and so far, it seems countries with high proportions of smokers are getting the highest number of deaths. This is because tobacco promotes the formation of ACE genes in the lungs, which are receptor sites for the virus. So when you hear from France and Italy death figures of younger people, it is because these countries have a considerable smoker population.

Meanwhile, my brother, aged 70, in Omaha, is positive with a sniffle, nothing more.


Think that just because you’re old, you are doomed if infected? Think again…

Read this story about how a 95-year-old woman in Italy recovered. Note her telling comment: “They told me that I still have a strong physique. Despite my years, I still defend myself well.”


Here is an email from a dear friend and client who is an outstanding Naturopath and also has an imposing background in high-level government research.

On a lighter note, an R.X. has been found that works if you get really sick with the virus. It is an old, cheap, off-patent drug.

How it works: Drives zinc into the cells so the virus can’t replicate. If you got it (zinc), use it.

As of today, March 26, a lot of M.D.s treating Covid19 patients are now prescribing Chloroquine with positive results. (Many other vaccines and treatments are being developed as we speak.)

Zinc is anti-viral. 20 mg/day is dose. It can be taken as preventative…just like the selenium (200 mcg/day) article, I sent you that showed how it stops the virus from entering the cell in the first place. This is why I can’t find zinc anywhere at any of my wholesalers. Ditto for vitamin c and vitamin d. These are keeping people from catching it in the first place…plus the chewed clove garlic. Totally sold out in the U.S. — weeks for delivery. Got it


Blood Plasma as a Covid19 Treatment (March 25 FDA)

The most accessible remedy of all…

If any of this material resonates, please share it with others in need.


Why Costa Rica?

“Ex-pats move to Costa Rica for a variety of reasons. From my observations, the most common reason is to stretch limited healthcare dollars at an age where medical episodes are bound to increase. The big surprise to many is that they effortlessly experience improvements to their personal well being and physical health just one year after moving to Costa Rica. Many lose kilos of unwanted weight without any diets or extra effort. They notice diminished needs of prescriptions. All due to the relaxed lifestyle, climate, clean air, and spectacular variety of fresh, field-ripened produce grown in the mineral-rich Costa Rica soils. Real, measurable changes for the better like nowhere else on Earth.  And then there’s that spectacular scenery in every direction.”  – Laura  –  c. 2019

In Costa Rica:

  • The year-round climate is considered the best in the world.
  • Retirement is less expensive than in the United States, Canada, and the EU, so you can better enjoy your golden years.
  • Costa Rica has areas with unique climates to suit every personal preference.
  • Unique and abundant biodiversity offers unlimited, year-round visual stimulation.

Costa Rica Residency Card gives you peace of mind and the very important feeling like you belong.


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Where is Costa Rica?

The country of Costa Rica is in Latin American. In fact, the population considers themselves Americans. Geographically, Costa Rica is between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south.