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Get started on your residency sooner than you thought

Even if you’re still back home!

With Laura’s careful step-by-step guidance, even if you are still in your originating country, you can begin preparing for your Costa Rica residency application.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have that treasured residency card (DIMEX) in hand and the life enhancements that come with it.

1. Free Phone Consultation

2. Residency Application

3. 100% Success Rate

Why Laura?

  1. Laura provides transparent and accurate advice on how you qualify.
  2. She has excellent bi-lingual communication skills learned from living and working in both the U.S. and Canada. (Dual Costa Rican and Canada citizenship.) If you ask a question, she’ll wait for you to finish, then answer in context and stay on point. (Uncommon in Costa Rica.).
  3. She provides understandable guidance in a communication style familiar to YOU.
  4. Laura is timely in her responses to your questions during the process.
  5. She is very skilled at maneuvering through the unpredictable labyrinth of the Immigration Center. Her office is very nearby in San Jose and she does all her communications with the Immigration Center staff face-to-face, IN PERSON. No office assistants or messenger services in the communication chain of your application

Our Testimonials

Character & Competence

With her cheerful style and engaging personality, Laura will put you at ease at your first encounter. She has great empathy and has experienced it all from your side of the counter when she was a new immigrant to Canada.

She will never forget the nightmare that this process can be if handled by the wrong lawyer.

While processing times are getting longer due to overload of the Immigration Center, Laura’s approvals are still well below the averages due to her persistent expediting of all her cases.

She knows how to make your case move as quickly as possible. Immigration staff know Laura well and trust her to bring in correct paperwork so as to avoid needless delays.

80% of all applications submitted to the Immigration Center are either incorrect, missing documents or fraudulant. So getting it right the first time through requires meticulous attention to detail and diplomatic dealings with Immigration staff.


While your application is being processed, you can fully embrace the joy of Costa Rica worry free with updates from Laura as to your status.

However, if your case gets complicated, all the more reason to have Laura in your corner.


Call or email Laura Today!

TOLL FREE: 1-833-733-6337
Costa Rica: 506-8386-4395


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Shawna and Kelly Collins
Monroe NC/Nandayure Guanacaste Costa Rica

From the outset of our journey towards obtaining permanent residency in Costa Rica, Laura Gutierrez has been an indispensable guide and advocate. Her expertise, professionalism, and dedication have made the process smoother than anticipated and instilled in us a sense of security and confidence in navigating the complexities of immigration law.

Laura’s approach is thorough and personalized. She took the time to understand our unique circumstances, answered all our questions patiently and clearly, and kept us informed at every step. Her diligence in handling our case has been remarkable. She ensured that all paperwork was meticulously prepared and submitted and that potential issues were proactively addressed.

Moreover, Laura’s warmth and genuine care for our well-being have genuinely set her apart. She excels in her field and truly values the impact of her work on her clients’ lives. We are deeply grateful for her support and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to navigate the residency process in Costa Rica.

Thank you, Laura; your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated!

Jeff Dawson & Helen Rivers-Moore
Atenas, Costa Rica

After five lawyers, $10,000, and seven years of hell, my partner and I were still nowhere near a residency card but very near deportation and in panic. Our case was very complicated and unusual. We were to the point of no longer trusting anyone to get this application completed properly.  That is when we turned to Laura in desperation. She took over our cases, sorted through the huge mess and successfully submitted a proper application. Six months later, it all ended in tears… of joy! We were approved.

When it came time for renewal, as can sometimes happen, things got complicated again due to demands by Immigration and the bank. Once again, Laura straightened things out with her expert negotiating skills and professionalism. We consider Laura a friend, protector, and brilliant angel. I would never allow anyone else near our dealings with Immigration, as we still plan to apply for Permanent residency.

Robert MacKercher
Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Allow me to be blunt & succinct…

A tad long but well worth the read. Trust me…

There should be only one of three reasons you don’t use the services of Ms. Gutierrez as your Immigration Representative: A) You are unaware of her. B) You enjoy masochism. C) You are content with the two capital Ds of the bureaucratic process… Delay & Disappointment! Period.

We signed up with Laura a mere 14 days before some of our ‘docs’ ran beyond their ‘shelf life.’ They were due to expire. Which, of course, means you return to square one and start over from scratch! Need I remind anyone how much fun it is to track down & then get authenticated obscure aspects of your personal history?

My wife Anna and I landed in this ‘one-of-a-kind’ country just a day before the potential of losing months of preparations that could vanish in the ensuing 24 hours. Our care and fate were entrusted to someone I had never met… Miss Laura. 

We sort of had confidence… just behind a juggernaut of anxiety! 

One ‘i’ not dotted, or one ‘t’ not crossed, and you’re abruptly dismissed from progressing further. Everything depended upon the expertise of a little gal we we would meet for the first time on a street corner in a big city we didn’t know to conduct business in a language we didn’t speak! All for a purpose that would greatly impact the upcoming years of our lives! Do you know the definition of feeling exposed & vulnerable? Let me tell you… it was that morning.

So, how’d it go?


Mind you, we had risen at 4 am the previous morning to fly all day to our ‘new land.’  Then, on ‘D-day’ at 5 am, we commenced a 4-hour ‘bounce’ from Arenal to the capital.


In the fog that displaced my cognition that morning, I left behind a crucial document, which, when revealed, seemed certain to abort the entire undertaking! And as previously mentioned, the timing was everything in my case! A pall of gloom fell over everyone… except Ms. Gutierrez. She forged ahead. At every stage, we met exactly your expected response: No. No. No… you may not advance.  The facial and body language of the gatekeepers all seemed to say: “Gringo, what don’t you get about this? Your ‘stuff’ is not right, so forget it. Come back when you get your “stuff” right, and we’ll look at your package then.  Requirements are requirements & procedures are procedures, and you must be dreaming big time… Out!


Well, of course, we were clueless about what Laura was saying in Spanish back to the people behind the desks, but the way it looked, she wasn’t having any of that chorus of rejection.  I sure did… NO generally means NO in any language. She persevered. One office after another, with us in tow, like delinquent children going to meet his ultimate fate at the principal’s office.


So, you may be asking yourself, what was the outcome of that fateful day in San Jose? Petite as she is, Miss Laura Gutierrez is a “force to be reckoned with.”  At the end of the day… I was in!!  Mind-boggling? Yes!  Incredible? Yes! In all likelihood, unheard of in the annals of Immigration bureaucracy tale telling… yes!


Believe it. In one day, my application was accepted!  Of course, to keep Miss Laura an honest woman, I had to return another day with the missing document. But that’s the long & the short of it… I was in!


Now, if you are a ‘doubting Thomas,’ you’re invited to come to visit me. I’ll introduce you to friends & neighbors who have been engaged in ‘the process’ for ages with tales of dismay and no beacon on the horizon… other than “it’s in the works” … for what Ms. G got done for Anna and me in essentially one business working day! (With one hand tied behind her back.)


Sadly, my Anna passed away a few years later, during which Laura guided us through two renewals of our DIMEX.


Now that the required seven years of residency are behind me, I have again retained Miss Laura to represent me in my pursuit of full Costa Rica Citizenship.


Do you think you can find a discount rate elsewhere?  I’m sure of it. The question is… are you good at roulette?  


Laura is authorized to provide my contact information should you need to hear the story ‘From the Horse’s Mouth.’ 

Todd Armen
Tronadora (Arenal) Costa Rica

I was fortunate enough to come across an acquaintance (named Robert M.) who told me “If you’re going to try and attain residency, let me get you in touch with Laura…she pulled off the impossible for me and my wife”. 

I was quite hesitant because I’d already had some preliminary discussion with my attorney in CR about attaining residency. 

Ultimately, I decided to take a chance and was keen on the idea of working with a specialist on this project.  Long story short, due to recent law changes in CR regarding investor’s visa eligibility, the subsequent legal document revisions needed (as a result) and the many certified document expiration dates, it took longer than I’d anticipated.  There are many ways of “spinning your wheels” with this rigorous process. 

Ahhhh – now I understand why I’ve come across so many aspiring residents, who’ve been “working towards” attaining residency for many many…YEARS! 

The bottom line:  Aside from having all the desired experience, professionalism, organization skills, rapport with key entities, responsiveness and realistic expectations, Laura also did an amazing job of helping me to stay on track throughout the process, be efficient (i.e. working smarter, not harder) and most importantly—to NOT give up!  

Lo aprecio mucho, Laura

Bob & Michelle Fair
White Rock, B.C., Canada / Tarcoles, Costa Rica

A few years ago, when the prospect of relocating closer to our grandchildren and applying for residency arose, we initially considered tackling the process on our own. However, upon hearing glowing recommendations for Laura Gutierrez from others who had navigated the same journey, we quickly realized that seeking her expertise was the wise choice.

Laura’s legal practice is exclusively dedicated to the residency process, making her an unparalleled expert in the field. From the outset, she guided us through the complexities of obtaining the necessary documents with clear and straightforward instructions.

Despite the intricacies of the Canadian system, which posed additional challenges compared to Apostille countries, Laura’s guidance made each step manageable. She “held our hands” with infinite patience every step of the way, and thanks to her support, everything proceeded seamlessly.

Recently, when it came time to renew our residency, Laura once again provided invaluable assistance. Her detailed instructions and unwavering support alleviated the stress of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.

We are deeply grateful for Laura’s expertise and dedication throughout our residency journey.

Thank you, Laura, for getting us our residency papers…..muy amable!”

Brenda, Eddie Tucker, and the boys
Uvita, Costa Rica

Hola Laura

A heartfelt thank you for your professional and efficient assistance through this entire process.  We could not have accomplished this without you.  Though we started out as strangers, we truly feel we have gained a new friend in you.

We sincerely do thank you for your kindness, warm embrace, and genuine concern for our family as a whole. 

Thanks again, Laura, for all that you do in helping to make expats like us dreams of a Costa Rican life come true.

Tim James BBA, MS, PhD, LCDR, US Navy (RET)
Winter Garden, Florida / Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Laura is the best of the best. She is above a ten on a 1 to 10 scale. 

I have highly recommended her to many of my friends. From our first discussion, I knew she fully understood the process and could provide the personal touch that I needed. 

Laura also considered all the accommodations needed for my fiancé from Costa Rica. 

In months of previous research before obtaining her services, the pricing from attorneys was outrageous and totally confusing. Laura’s process is smooth and understanding from beginning to end. 

I have to attest that the service rendered is much more than the price for service.  Her ability to place you in the right area, double-check your documentation, communicate with different departments, personal attention, kindness, warmth, understanding, and appointments is priceless. 

Laura, I salute you and your company for leading and assisting my family’s ultimate dream.

Muy Buen Trabajo Laura!  Pura Vida!!!

A gem of a person who truly cares.

My wife and I found Laura several years ago after vetting providers online. We really appreciated the initial phone interview with Laura, where she explained the process to us. From that day, we hired Laura, and with her system, we could obtain our temporary residency cards without any issue. Since then, Laura has also helped our parents get their temporary residency cards. We recently hired Laura again to help us obtain a Permanent Residency.  We were pleasantly surprised by how efficient and smooth the process went. Laura provided another very satisfying experience.

Tom and Robin Jung
Bolton Ontario / Delfines Costa Rica


Meg Gideon & Mike Inzitari
Heredia / Colorado

If you are moving to Costa Rica and looking for a trustworthy residency professional to shepherd you through the lengthy and tedious application process, look no further than Laura Gutierrez.

We’ve been visiting Costa Rica since 1990 and have engaged in many processes, such as purchasing property, selling vehicles, paying taxes, and opening bank accounts. With one of us being mostly fluent in Spanish, we were able to self-guide through many of these processes or vet lawyers for services we were not knowledgeable enough to handle on our own. 

When it came time to apply for Costa Rica residency, we knew we didn’t want a law firm that offered residency services as a small part of their practice. Rather, we needed an expert like Laura who is devoted exclusively to Costa Rican residency and citizenship transactions.

Working with Laura, we have found everything her current and former clients say to be true. Laura knows the minute details and nuances of the application process, including the best category of residency for your unique situation. She is extremely organized and detail oriented, from where to request your U.S. documents and getting them apostilled and translated, all the way to giving you a map that shows where you should (and shouldn’t!) park when she meets you at the immigration offices in San Jose to submit your application.

Ultimately, you will come to see that Laura is highly regarded by the staff at the immigration offices. When you are with her and see how everyone greets her, you feel like you are a welcomed insider as you breeze through your appointment and watch the officials stamp your documents as “accepted” on your first submission.

If they trust her brand, perhaps you should too.

Laura gets 5 stars from us!

Meg Gideon & Mike Inzitari

My work life was as a project manager. So when deciding whom we would entrust to
handle our residency process, we immediately felt at ease and trusted Laura to guide us
along this path. We could not have been more pleased with her attention to every detail
and level of clear communication. What could be a stressful process was not with Laura
at our side. Laura exceeded in every aspect and process along our path to residency. I
have finally met my match in triple checking! We did our initial phone interview when we
were still living stateside. We were fortunate to receive back all our documents before
our final move to Costa Rica, thus being ready to hand those original documents over to
Laura for our appointments. She is a genuine and sincere powerhouse working to
achieve the best outcome for her clients! We loved our ride to get here!

Thank you, Laura!

Sharon and Paul Sheppard
Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Terry Williams and Margot Dorfman
Bahia Ballena (Uvita) , Costa Rica

Dear Laura,

Thank you for all your efforts. We encountered some strange and unforeseen obstacles. Thanks to your encouragement and persistent guidance, what could have derailed the entire process, turned into success. No way that we could have handled this on our own. You saw us right through to holding those DIMEX cards in hand. You were awesome!

Jenny and Ramani Rangan
Gloucester MA / Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica

Laura was fantastic in helping us apply for residency.

Our case was complicated because we were applying for Pensionado status with multiple pensions and name change documents from different countries. Every document was a Herculean effort, but Laura was patient and creative and helped us find solutions. Thanks to her thorough approach, government officials found no issues with our extensive paperwork, and our application was approved in 10 months.

We are incredibly grateful for Laura’s expertise and dedication throughout this challenging process. Without her assistance, we recognize that achieving our residency status would have been significantly more difficult, if not impossible.

Thank you, Laura!


WOW!!! What a find. Laura is spectacular. 

After coming for 17 years, my wife Kathy and I finally decided to apply for residency. 
Having heard all the horror stories we were not sure. But we found Laura after reading an article she wrote on residency. 
We called her and after a few different conversations we felt really confident in her. What a GREAT decision. 
This is all she does and has perfected the process.
She provided us with a detailed step by step of all the documents we need to get. 
It included specific addresses and contacts for each item. 
It also included a contact to gather the documents for us if we needed it. 
She checked each document as we received them to make sure they were correct. 
She was available throughout the process and her detail to each step was beyond outstanding. 
When we were ready she found us a hotel located within minutes of the bank, 
Interpol and Immigration. Everything went smoothly. 
We would highly recommend Laura. She has it down.
Chuck and Kathy Senig,
Loveland, Colorado/Montezuma, Costa Rica

Wes and Ruth Smith
Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Not having lived here very long and being weak in Spanish, we had concerns about the residency process and who to hire to represent us. Laura Gutierrez was recommended to us by a trusted local friend and expat of 18 years.

Thankfully, we acted on that advice.

The process for Costa Rican residency is comprehensive and has many fluid idiosyncrasies! We could never have accomplished what she did for us in such a short time.

She is a great listener and communicates well in English in a clear, congenial manner, even on the phone, which can be challenging. She held our hands through the entire process, which became complicated at one point due to unavoidable changes to our travel logistics.

Laura was always very steady and encouraging and anticipated each step of the process to prevent missteps on our part. When the time came for us to meet at the DGME (Immigration Center), we were amazed at how she quickly navigated to the Immigration intake staffer. Laura was elegant and well-received by the Immigration staff and many security officers.

She carefully managed the submission of our extensive packets of certified, verified, stamped, and signed documents – one at a time to ensure no errors. They were all successfully accepted and sent for final approval.

We are thrilled and know we could not have done it without Laura’s help.

We unreservedly recommend Laura Gutierrez for her personal and professional care of her clients. Follow her instructions to the letter and know she will get the job done, standing alongside you the whole way!

Pura Vida!

Wes and Ruth Smith,
Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Bryan Stuart and Teri Mathis
Tilaran, Arenal, Costa Rica

We decided to be guided by an expert. Laura Guitérrez guided us professionally for the time it took us to assemble all the documents. Along the way, our frequent clarification questions were given clear and timely responses. When it was time to present ourselves at the Immigration Office in San Jose, we met Laura there with our documents in hand. It was obvious that Immigration officials knew and respected her professionalism. It took only minutes for our Temporary Residency applications to be submitted with stamps of acceptance.

We were approved in nine months. (2023)

January 23, 2024: We now possess each of our DIMEX (residency) cards. So, two satisfied customers are glad we had the help of the best immigration specialist in Costa Rica. Thank you, Laura!!

Michael, Kelly & Carmela Calandrino
Brooklyn, New York / Samara, Costa Rica

My wife, seven year old daughter and I used Laura’s services to obtain Rentisa Residency, which can be somewhat difficult. We received a free telephone consultation from Brooklyn, NY and felt comfortable with Laura’s presentation, explanation of the process and rates. After hiring her to guide us through the residency process, Laura sent a detailed list of what was needed and was communicative in answering the questions we asked along the way.

We officially moved to Samara on August 31, 2021 with our residency appointment in San Jose on November 16th. As Samara is around a 4 and half hour drive from San Jose, we asked Laura do whatever she could to obtain the fingerprint appointment during the same trip, which had become more challenging due to Covid. Laura was able to secure us the required fingerprint appointment on November on 13th…a Saturday, which was incredibly convenient and saved us a lot of money with car rental and hotel fees which would have been necessary with a second trip to San Jose.

On the day of our immigration appointment, Laura really shined. We bypassed the lines outside and inside the immigration office, took a seat in front of the immigration officials and were called upon immediately. After 30 minutes, we were outside of the immigration office with our Expediente numbers in hand, and were able to stay in Costa Rica while our residencies were being processed for approval.

On August 23, 2022, Laura contacted us to let us know our residencies had been approved and provided details for the remaining final steps, including paying the necessary fees, signing up for the Caja (healthcare), submitting the paperwork and taking the cedula photo at the nearest Correo (post office).

We grateful to Laura for her professionalism, information, advice and communication in helping to navigate the residency process.

Pura Vida!
Michael, Kelly & Carmela Calandrino
Brooklyn , NY/Samara Costa Rica

Dennis and Dorothy Macaulay
Sunnyvale, California/Uvita, Costa Rica

After reading so many glowing testimonials on Laura’s website, I felt no need to search further. That positive assessment was borne out many times over the ensuing months as she patiently provided her expert guidance in applying for Temporary Residency. Her skill in guiding us through the process was amazing.

Three years later, she also guided us through our Permanent residency applications.

I wouldn’t dream of having anyone else in the country do this for us – and I highly recommend her services to anyone. She is the consummate professional – and to top it all off, she is so pleasant to work with.


Linnette Beck
Neuvo Arenal

Once I settled into my Costa Rica house on the hill, I realized I would never have that “at home” feeling without legal residency. As it happened, my next-door neighbors in Nuevo Arenal had already completed the process with Laura and could not praise her enough. When I met Laura in San Jose shortly after, she lived up to my neighbor’s high praise. I loved her persona, sense of humor, and communication style. It is concise and clear. After formally retaining her services, I ran into a snag when attempting to obtain the required bank letter from my U.S. bank. I was devastated. Laura patiently talked me “off the ledge” and offered further coaching on getting the bank to issue the letter. I returned to the bank with Laura’s “script” in hand, followed it, and to my surprise, I got the letter. And that from a bank whose policy it is not to issue them! The rest of the process was a breeze and following Laura’s submission of a perfectly prepared set of documents, I received my DIMEX card seven months later. It truly enhanced my lived experience here in many unexpected ways.

Two years later, I again encountered obstacles in preparation for my first DIMEX renewal. Once again, Laura calmly guided me through to a successfully renewed DIMEX card.

What began as a business relationship soon turned into a friendship between us. She is an unusual individual with a diverse background and very solid standards.

Thank you, Laura, for everything.

Brett & Karma Nelson
Flower Mound Texas/ Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

My wife and I hired Laura to help us with our desire to become residents of Costa Rica.  Laura did an amazing job of explaining the process, specifying what information we needed, where to get the information, what form the information needed to be in, and when we needed it by.  

The process took longer than expected due to Covid but Laura remained engaged and communicative with us during the delay. 

As a result,  we were ready to submit our application when the time arrived late September 2022.  Laura’s level of explanation removed any uncertainty about the process and we simply had to follow her detailed instructions to obtain the documents we needed to satisfy the submission process. 

Laura’s level of professionalism and communication exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Laura for your immigration needs.


Brett Nelson Esq.
Flower Mound Texas/ Santa Cruz, Costa Rica.

Ken and Natalie Chilvers
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful, safe country populated with mostly friendly, honest, helpful people. 

However, the DGME (Department of Immigration) is frustratingly dysfunctional. We [wife and I] could not imagine attempting to become permanent residents on our own. The process is too chaotic. Expert help is a must. 

Enter Laura Gutierrez, immigration consultant. Fluently bilingual, Laura knows the ropes and is skilled in navigating through all the quirks and often irrational behaviors within the DGME (Immigration) offices. She is responsive, patient, well-organized, and very efficient. We highly recommend her. She has led us through the initial application for Temporary Residency, two renewals, and eventually, Permanent Residency.

Just stay mindful as you endure the process that Laura has nothing to do with the Department of Immigration’s policies or operations. Her only task is to get you your resident status regardless of the obstacles. Follow her expert lead and stay cool! 

Donald, Julie, Shawn and Julia Schneider
Washington State/Atenas, Costa Rica

We needed to coordinate our Costa Rica Residency Card application long distance from our home in Washington State. Worries about whom we were going to hire under these circumstances were laid to rest when a highly credible source recommended Laura.

Laura began by assisting us with getting a bank account prior to us having residency, which apparently is very difficult to do. Laura showed an unusual care and concern for our case – like it was her own family. She also kept us right up to date during the whole process and helped us co-ordinate our flight itineraries to best advantage. She even provided us with a lot of other very important and useful information about how to go about our business here in Costa Rica.

We so enjoyed her warm company.

Robert Shannon
Playa Ocotal, Guanacaste / Green Cove Springs, Florida

Laura’s website was the first I vetted. But I then moved on to another site because they had an office in the U.S. and Costa Rica. I contacted that site first, and when I got no reply after several days, I contacted Laura. She responded within hours.

After a brief back-and-forth questioning, we determined I was a good fit for her services. She soon had me on my way with clear, concise instructions to follow in preparation for the submission of my residency application. Three months later, I had obtained all the required documents for Laura to submit along with a perfectly prepared application. I found her a delight to work with, and very supportive and encouraging through some very serious personal challenges along the way. I received my first DIMEX (residency card) in November of 2021, and two years later, I completed my renewal with Laura’s help.

Given my experience, there is only one person you need to contact when you are ready to make your application.

Betty Hart
Parrita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

I completed my residency process with Laura Gutierrez, and I can’t speak highly enough about her competence and the level of service she provided me. Since I am Canadian, she was recommended because she has lived in Canada and speaks English fluently. Until January of 2024, the process for Canadians was much more complicated than for Americans. So, all the more reason to choose her. I am very grateful that I did. Residency is her expertise, and it is all she does, unlike a lawyer who deals with many other things.

I don’t do all that well with bureaucracy. As a result, I am sure I was one of her more “trying” clients, needing extra assistance every step of the way. But she showed me infinite patience and led me through it all with added encouragement. I could never have done this on my own. I would recommend Laura to anyone, any time.

Thank you, Laura

Marny Pavelka and Bill Oset
Samara, Costa Rica

My husband and I have owned property in Costa Rica for several years and have wanted to become Costa Rica residents. We talked to several lawyers along the way about residency and also spoke with Ex-pats that were in the process of residency. 

The lawyers we talked to did not seem well versed in the residency process, and the Ex-pats we spoke to have been waiting years to achieve residency and, as of this writing, are still waiting.

We were very fortunate to have found Laura Gutierrez, a Residency Specialist. In other words, Residency and Citizenship are all she does. She is organized, expedient, and transparent regarding the entire Residency adventure. She clearly outlined the process for us and gave us a checklist with exact and understandable instructions that we completed within a matter of months.

Laura submitted our applications in February of 2023. On November 27, 2023 (nine months later), we were holding our DIMEX cards in hand.

Meeting Laura was a pleasure; we would have been lost without her precise guidance. We are so grateful to have found her. We highly recommend Laura to anyone applying for Residency in Costa Rica. She’s the best.

Brandy Murrey
Las Vegas/Tamarindo Costa Rica

Laura demonstrated professionalism and friendliness throughout the entire process, from start to finish. We efficiently completed the entire procedure within a short timeframe without encountering any issues.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Laura on this journey. She ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience.

I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of assistance with the residency process, as her expertise is evident.

Thank you immensely, Laura, for your outstanding support.

Micaela Grantham
Arenal, Costa Rica

After only nine months, I received my cedula and am now a legal resident of Costa Rica. I am deeply honored and proud to be part of this incredible and welcoming country.

This would not have been possible without Laura Gutierrez. She is an absolute force of nature. I do not have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe how wonderful it was to work with her. I only had to meet with her once in San Jose. All other transactions and communication were via e-mail or telephone.  She made everything easy and efficient. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend her to anyone seeking residency in Costa Rica.

Richard Skyra
San José, Costa Rica

Laura is by far the most professional and thorough person I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my 15 years of experience in Costa Rica.

My case was not straight forward. It involved documents and multiple trips from between three countries, covid related interruptions to logistics and other personal issues. Lots of changes on the fly.

Laura had the solutions and associates in the USA that assisted where necessary. She was prompt and thorough in her responses to my many communications.

You’ll be the best hands with Laura to fulfill your dream of Costa Rica Living!

Richard Skyra
San José, Costa Rica

Joni & Tom Moore
Nicoya, Costa Rica

You are definitely in good hands when you have Laura guiding your every step. She gives in clear, understandable detail, everything you need to have on hand before your first visit to Immigration.

Thanks to Laura’s understandable directions, we had all our required paperwork in order. Along with applications she had prepared, she presented our documents to Immigration face to face with intake staff… one document at a time. It was all accepted the first time through. As a result, we got our temporary residency number on our first visit.

Laura has been specializing in this field for many years. She knows the staff at immigration and they know her, which is a plus when you are only a stranger to them among hundreds waiting in line. After the wait for residency applications approvals, there remains the process of getting registered at CAJA and getting your final Residency card made. Laura also guided us through that with clarity. Everything that was in Laura’s power to do, she helped all go smoothly.

We highly recommend her services if you want to go about this painlessly.

Bravo Laura! Joni and Tom Moore, Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Brenda Faw & Joyce Tuttle
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Hola dear Laura… today Joyce and I had the best experience at the Correo de Costa Rica in Limón obtaining our Cedula for residency. We believe it went so smoothly because of the excellent service you provided to ensure that everything was in good order.

You are amazing at what you do – you were always there for us and we could not have chosen a better residency specialist for this process. We can not thank you enough for all that you have done for us…truly… we could not have done this without you and we so appreciate you. Big Hugs and Big Gratitude.

Best Regards and With Much Respect

Brenda Faw and Joyce Tuttle
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Jackie & Bob Van Deventer
Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

A hearty thank-you to Laura from Bob & I for getting us through the residency process all the way to cards in hand.

From the beginning, Laura helped us. When we thought we needed to move back to the states, Laura gave us back our money. When circumstances changed, she welcomed us back and we resumed the residency process. Laura answered my many questions with thoroughness and patience. What I especially appreciated and admired about Laura was her constant encouragement.

Even after we obtained out cards, Laura continued to answer questions about ancillary things which she really did not have to. Bob & I are so excited that we stayed with pursuing our residency. I have been so relieved and happy.

Thank you Laura, so much!