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Even if you’re still back home!

With Laura’s careful step-by-step guidance, even if you are still in your originating country, you can begin preparing for your Costa Rica residency application.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have that treasured residency card (Cedula) in hand and the life enhancements that come with it.

Why Laura?

  1. Laura provides transparent and accurate advice on how you qualify.
  2. She has excellent bi-lingual communication skills learned from living and working in both the U.S. and Canada. (Dual Costa Rican and Canada citizenship.) If you ask a question, she’ll wait for you to finish, then answer in context and stay on point. (Uncommon in Costa Rica.).
  3. She provides understandable guidance in a communication style familiar to YOU.
  4. Laura is timely in her responses to your questions during the process.
  5. She is very skilled at maneuvering through the unpredictable labyrinth of the Immigration Center. Her office is very nearby in San Jose and she does all her communications with the Immigration Center staff face-to-face, IN PERSON. No office assistants or messenger services in the communication chain of your application

Our Testimonials

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Robert Brewer

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Although I had started my residency with a lawyer from San Jose he proved to be very unresponsive. After all, it had been two years. In the meantime, I had sold my investment property tied to my residency application. I reinvested. Laura was able to straighten out all the paperwork so I could proceed without reapplying. One month later Laura and I walked out with my Cedula. I heard of Laura through a friend and was glad I did. My only regret was, I didn't find her sooner. She gave me a detailed list of the required documents and clear instructions that made it easy for me. When I did have a question she would respond quickly. She made me feel comfortable and at ease right from my first interview with her. I look forward to working with her on my renewal. Start with her and stay with her you'll be glad you did.

Donald, Julie, Shawn and Julia Schneider

Washington State/Atenas, Costa Rica

We needed to coordinate our Costa Rica Residency Card application long distance from our home in Washington State. Worries about whom we were going to hire under these circumstance were laid to rest when a highly credible source recommended Laura.
Laura began by assisting us with getting a bank account prior to us having residency, which apparently is very difficult to do. Laura showed an unusual care and concern for our case – like it was her own family. She also kept us right up to date during the whole process and helped us co-ordinate our flight itineraries to best advantage. She even provided us with a lot of other very important and useful information about how to go about our business here in Costa Rica. We so enjoyed her warm company.

Warmest Regards Brenda and Eddie Tucker and the boys

Wow! We were really surprised at the turn around times of each phase of the process, considering what we were told. Needless to say, we are excited that it is finally completed. A heartfelt thank you Laura for your professional and efficient assistance through this entire process. We could not have accomplished this without you. Though we started out as strangers, we truly feel that we have gained a new friend. We sincerely do thank you for your kindness, warm embrace and genuine concern for our family as a whole. Thanks again Laura for all that you do in helping to make our expat dreams of a Costa Rican life come true.

Jackie & Bob Van Deventer

Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

A hearty thank-you to Laura from Bob & I for getting us through the residency process all the way to cards in hand. From the beginning, Laura helped us. When we thought we needed to move back to the states, Laura gave us back our money. When circumstances changed, she welcomed us back and we resumed the residency process.
Laura answered my many questions with thoroughness and patience. What I especially appreciated and admired about Laura was her constant encouragement. Even after we obtained out cards, Laura continued to answer questions about ancillary things which she really did not have to. Bob & I are so excited that we stayed with pursuing our residency. I have been so relieved and happy. Thank you Laura, so much!

Joni & Tom Moore

Nicoya, Costa Rica.

You are definitely in good hands when you have Laura guiding your every step. She gives in clear, understandable detail, everything you need to have on hand before your first visit to Immigration.
Thanks to Laura’s understandable directions, we had all our required paperwork in order. Along with applications she had prepared, she presented our documents to Immigration face to face with intake staff… one document at a time. It was all accepted the first time through. As a result, we got our temporary residency number on our first visit.
Laura has been specializing in this field for many years. She knows the staff at immigration and they know her, which is a plus when you are only a stranger to them among hundreds waiting in line.
After the wait for residency applications approvals, there remains the process of getting registered at CAJA and getting your final Residency card made. Laura also guided us through that with clarity.
Everything that was in Laura’s power to do, she helped all go smoothly.
We highly recommend her services if you want to go about this painlessly. Bravo Laura!

Joni and Tom Moore, Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Cheryl and Gary Elferis

Junquillal Costa Rica (Formerly from New York, N.Y.)

Even for a thorough researcher like me, deciding on a reliable residency professional to assist us with our residency process proved challenging.
There are lots of choices on Google to wade through and vet.
Save yourself time and a lot of grief by reading this.
Laura Gutierrez came highly recommended by Scott Oliver, a British expat who has a great website: http://www.welovecostarica.com. I called Laura in December 2015 and had an initial conversation with her, followed up by many emails. I was impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail, and also by the many testimonials on her website.
I grilled her extensively on various issues and felt very assured with her detailed answers. So despite my husband Gary’s skepticism about her hefty up-front deposit, we wire transferred her the requested funds, and immediately got down to the nitty-gritty with Laura’s step by step guidance.
Laura instructed us on all the forms we would need, where and how to get them and how to navigate through a couple snags in the process. The devil certainly is in the details and Laura expertly got us through some challenging obstacles.
After months of preparation in New York, we made our big move to Costa Rica. Days later we met Laura at Immigration. In the midst of this crowded chaos where we played musical chairs up to our eventual turn, she guided us through with uncommon thoroughness and safeguarding against do-overs. “They tend to lose papers here”, she explained.
One of Laura’s “claims to fame” is that she is at the Immigration Department frequently, she knows the workers, and they all know she has her “ducks in a row”. We again saw the value of having her on our team.
Once done at Immigration, we crossed San Jose to the Fingerprinting Center. Another very interesting encounter within controlled chaos. After an hour of Spanglish processing and being cleared through Interpol, we emerged with ink-stained fingers, but relieved. Anyone thinking at the outset about attempting this alone, or with poorly vetted help, think again!
To our surprise, there was ready-for-anything Laura with Huggies Baby Wipes to clean our ink soaked fingertips!
Laura’s help was invaluable and worth every dime.

Dennis and Dorothy Macaulay

Sunnyvale, California / Uvita, Costa Rica

I read many testimonials from thankful and appreciative people who preceded us as Laura Gutierrez' clients. Those glowing assessments were borne out many times over the ensuing months. She has patiently and insistently guided us not only in the right direction but also in the most efficient course of proceeding from document procurement to our difficult travel logistics! She was so thorough that we were ready and everything went smoothly for our submission. The term *smoothly* makes it sound deceptively simple, which it was on that morning, but only because of her superb preparation. That included her review and organizing of all of our papers on the day we met for submissions of our applications.

Her skill in guiding us through the process was amazing as evidenced by the agent's pleasant demeanor as she looked through all our well-organized papers and stamped and approved them. We couldn't believe we were finished so smoothly and quickly!

I wouldn't dream of having anyone else in the country do this for us.

I highly recommend her services to anyone, knowing that you can relax and have confidence that your application will be approved in much less time than done any other way, by any other person!

Laura Gutierrez is the consummate professional. To top it all off, she is also very pleasant to work with. We will always remember her in this process so pleased that we are almost sorry to be finished with the submission process!!


Paul Sontrop

Toronto, Canada / Heredia, Costa Rica

Loved Laura’s clear communication style.
I’d rather stick a needle in my eye than get involved with any bureaucratic process such as Residency. Laura made it a whole different experience from what I was dreading.
Her communication style, in particular, is what I appreciated most.
Laura could actually wait till the end of my sentence before carefully and understandably responding. Even for bi-lingual professional Ticos who have never been outside Costa Rica, the tendency is to talk over you and answer out of context.

Laura very efficiently kept me on track with understandable emails. She always let me know what was happening and, or, what was expected of me at any point in the process. (I had to source documents from multiple countries).

Laura’s university and business experience in the U.S. and Canada obviously taught her how we A-types from the north are used to communicating. And believe me, it makes a massive difference in how smoothly things go in this otherwise intrusive process.

After my residency, Laura also helped me get my Costa Rica Citizenship... easily.
First class service in a country where for the most part, customer service remains an abstract concept.

Paul Sontrop, Toronto, Canada / Heredia, Costa Rica

Character & Competence

• With her cheerful style and engaging personality, Laura will put you at ease at your first encounter. She has great empathy and has experienced it all from your side of the counter when she was a new immigrant to Canada.

She will never forget the nightmare that this process can be if handled by the wrong lawyer.

While processing times are getting longer due to overload of the Immigration Center, Laura’s approvals are still well below the averages due to her persistent expediting of all her cases.

• She knows how to make your case move as quickly as possible. Immigration staff know Laura well and trust her to bring in correct paperwork so as to avoid needless delays.

80% of all applications submitted to the Immigration Center are either incorrect, missing documents or fraudulant. So getting it right the first time through requires meticulous attention to detail and diplomatic dealings with Immigration staff.

While your application is being processed, you can fully embrace the joy of Costa Rica worry free with updates from Laura as to your status.
However, if your case gets complicated, all the more reason to have Laura in your corner.

Call or e-mail Laura today!

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