Greatest Thing About Costa Rica


Greatest Thing About Costa Rica

Dear reader, here is some excellent news about Costa Rica to lift your spirits.

I guarantee you will not find this on any other Costa Rica website.

I will begin with a short story.

In 2003, in Canada, I had been doing weeks of rigorous study at university, including all-nighters, to complete assignments. I was extremely exhausted. In my rundown condition, I caught that year’s severe version of Influenza A, scarily referred to as SARS.

Oddly, it settled into my spleen. I was treated for platelet depletion at the local cancer clinic at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. One year later, I fully recovered. The specialist who treated me told me he’d never seen anyone recover from such a low blood platelet count. Such things proved fatal. Even he had to admit there had to be something to my immune-boosting diet. (Most M.D.s despise any mention of dietary effects on vitality.)

Aside from that highly unusual situation, I have rarely been sick, even during my many years in the U.S. and Canada during l-o-n-g winter months of cold and flu seasons. Growing up in Costa Rica with a very conscientious mother from Nicoya, Guanacaste, proper nutrition and an active, physical lifestyle were the norm. (Some of the world’s oldest citizens live in Nicoya’s Blue Zone).

This brings me to one of Costa Rica’s most remarkable citizens, who, in October 2023, turned 103 years young.

Meet Ramiro G. from Nicoya, Guanacaste.

The same Ramiro featured in the NETFLIX documentary, How to Live to 100: Secrets of the World’s Blue Zones.   (Second half of episode 3)

Through my relatives near Guanacaste, I located Ramiro, who welcomed me warmly. To describe the experience as remarkable is an understatement. During the hours we spent together during two visits, I had to constantly remind myself of his actual age. His mental acuity is stunning. We conversed on many subjects, big and small. His responses were without hesitation, thoughtfully articulate, and always in context. He was sharper than most people half his age. Simply astounding.

In the NETFLIX documentary interview, Ramiro is asked this simple question.

“If you were to tell (your great-grandson) Isaac how to get to 100 years old, what advice would you give him?”

“I hope that he eats what I eat.”

During our conversations, I reminded Ramiro of that comment in the documentary and asked him what exactly his daily diet has been.

“I eat two meals a day. Rice, beans, whole grain tortillas, and some scrambled eggs in the morning. That mixture digests slowly and keeps my energy up until early afternoon. Then, vegetables and many different types of root plants, such as carrots, onions, yucca, and especially sweet potatoes, for a late lunch/supper. A little bit of fruit in between those meals. Aside from eggs, everything I consume is only from whole plants. No sugar. I drink a small coffee in the morning and again in the afternoon. Lots of water. And I always have a nap.”

Then he added: “I begin each day with a prayer to Jesus and his Mother Mary. First, I thank them. Then, I ask them to guide and protect me through the day. This is the most important thing of all to me. I have my breakfast and then ride my horse 7 kilometers to my fields for a full day of work. This is my life.”

As you can see in the photos and the NETFLIX documentary, there is not an ounce of fat on Ramiro. As a wiry cowboy, he still moves with agility and power.

I also asked if he had ever been laid up.

“Yes. Four times and seriously. All from mishaps from falls, or encounters with large animals. Broken bones. But never any serious sickness. Ever. When I do eventually die, it will likely be due to an accident out here in the fields. I am good with that.”

Ramiro was also eager to tell the story of his beloved wife of 47 years, whom he lost in 2017.

“She was such an important part of my life. Upon our first meeting, I loved her immediately. I waited 12 years to be able for us to finally marry. I was 56 years old at the time. She was my best friend, excellent business partner, and devoted mother to our four children. I think of her always. I continue to do my very best each day because I feel her watching me from close by.”

Eventually, we got around to the subject of dancing. I asked if he still got out on the dance floor during the local celebrations. He said he did but also indicated that he needed a little Tragito (shot of whiskey) to loosen up his feet and work up the nerve to get out on the floor. He then offered to show me his “moves” and we had a little dance by the barn. (see the photo below).  What a unique and delightful human being.

And, oh yes… Ramiro has a sister three years his elder. And a brother-in-law who, as of this writing, is 107.

Ramiro with one of his prized bulls that he raised from birth. It came up to him like an affectionate puppy.

Ramiro is also pictured in the Blue Zones Nicoya poster. They sell a wide variety of quality natural products. Well worth an online visit here:

Like Ramiro, I was raised on brown rice and beans, root plants, fresh veggies, fruits, clear, deep well water – and no sugary drinks. We were always encouraged to play soccer or work out in the nearby park or school gym. I was a national track star in my teens, as was my daughter decades later. Sickness remains a very infrequent occurrence.

As a spry and delightful widow in her 90th year, Mom now lives with me. I am returning her the favors.

Why am I telling you this story?

We have all been through a harrowing experience called COVID-19. Variants of the virus are supposedly still lurking to make us miserable. (Oddly, no one ever says, “I have the flu.” Whatever happened to the annual ubiquitous Influenza A and B?) Rhetorical question. Most of you know the answer.

It has been abundantly proven by highly esteemed institutions and professionals that masks and social distancing did little or nothing to protect anyone from COVID or any other infectious disease. Nor did any vaccine. Highly profitable supplements such as vitamin pills also provide little to no defense other than a placebo effect. There are far more straightforward ways to maintain an adequate defense through a robust immune system. All evolved – not invented – by Mother Nature.

This is where the most significant benefit of living in Costa Rica enters the picture.

My quick point here is that living in Costa Rica presents one of the most robust defenses against all viruses or common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, or arthritis.

I remind you again of all those Blue Zone Costa Ricans – the oldest living folks on the planet. (No need to be living in a Blue Zone. You can create your own.)

It all gets down to the sustained condition of your immune system.

98% of us are born with a brilliantly resilient autoimmune system. It puts forth a relentless and automatic defense against anything threatening our health. This fantastic natural phenomenon maintains its effectiveness through habits of adequate rest, a healthy environment, and proper nutrition. IE: Feed it unmolested whole foods, and then leave it alone to do what it does best.

Regarding the environment and nutrition, Costa Rica offers something superior to just about any other country on the planet due to its unique natural elements.

It has an optimal blend of meters-deep volcanic soils, topography, heat units, breezes, and near-perfect rainfall/sunshine patterns between two oceans. Violent storms are rare. All of it is compressed in a small country for local access or rapid transit of produce to your locale. The Blue Zones testify to how these unique elements affect the population’s health here. It’s been going on for thousands of years!

Living in Costa Rica’s many peaceful and pleasant rural environments also dissipates lifelong stresses. For many, stresses lodge deep inside, driving them to poor dietary habits and pharmaceuticals. Yet, the fundamentals of human health will never change.

To repeat: When we feed our bodies unmolested nutrients and allow them proper rest, our immune systems perform astounding feats of body self-protection. Most diseases and viruses cannot ever prevail over an adequately supplied immune system. Period. I am living proof. Please read on and connect the dots.

Something to sink your teeth into.

Costa Rica’s countless farmer’s markets have fully ripened produce and are available only hours after being harvested from the field. The longer a veggie or fruit ripens in the soil, the higher its load-up of nutrients. That is even more significant here in Costa Rica because its meters-deep topsoil is laden with volcanic-sourced minerals. Billions of years in the making, the optimal cycles of sun and rain, growth, decomposition, and re-growth in the country’s central agricultural sections also contribute to abundant year-round supplies of the best produce on the planet. Field to the table, fully ripened, in the shortest time frames.

Crops of Costa Rica

There are many reasons ex-pats move to Costa Rica. Many sought to stretch limited healthcare dollars at an age where medical episodes are bound to increase. The big surprise for many is that they effortlessly experienced improvements in their well-being and physical health just one year after moving to Costa Rica. I encounter such highly grateful and surprised clients every year. Many lose kilos of unwanted weight without any diets or extra effort. They notice a greatly diminished need for prescriptions. They sleep better. Have fewer aches and pains and a lot more energy.

They are happier!

All due to the relaxed lifestyle, climate, clean air, and the spectacular variety of fresh, field-ripened produce within easy reach. Fundamental, measurable changes for the better.

Some may take this for granted, while others have no idea how much this element of Costa Rica makes such a difference to your vitality and immune system. The media nor the “sick care” industry seldom mention immune health due to no promise of profits, power, or prestige. Big Pharma spends the biggest bucks on lobbying in Washington D. C. by a big margin over the next vigorous influence peddlers.

There has been and remains a much better way to stay healthy and immune. For the full story, take a short trip over to the following and find out how easily accessible a high quality of life really is for you. This site is based on the incredible work of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, whom I have personally gotten to know since my first visit to his home in 2006. I again visited him and his wonderful wife, Karen, in July of 2022. 

Laura Gutierrez with Dr. Colin and Karen Campbell – July 2022

FYI: Weeks after my visit, 88-year-old, unvaccinated Dr. Campbell, and his wife Karen contracted COVID (according to swab tests) for the first time while attending a conference. Neither encountered any severe symptoms. They resumed their robust lifestyles within five days – from practicing what they preach about nutrition and lifestyles. Dr. Campbell’s 60 years of great work, books, and Netflix Special illustrate the simple way to vitality through the genius of nature.

And nature shines brightest right here in Costa Rica. 

After “digesting” what you find on this site, , you will undoubtedly view Costa Rica from a different perspective.

Laura – c. 2024