Application Approval Slowdowns

Application Approval Slowdowns image

“Hey Laura, where’s my application approval? It’s way overdue.” Causes During COVID, there was a significant uptick in residency applicants in Costa Rica. Many new retirees fled the scourge de jour (politics, social degradation, COVID lockdowns) up north and in the E.U. At the same time, the DGME (Costa Rica Immigration) had its doors closed […]

CAJA (Healthcare) Monthly Premium Issues

Applicants approved for legal residency in Costa Rica must enroll in CAJA (CCSS – National Healthcare) as a condition of residency. (Step 2 of 3 in the post-approval process).  Effective March 16, 2022, anyone enrolling in CAJA also had to enroll in the Costa Rica Pension plan. This resulted in a significant increase in monthly premiums. (see […]