Application Approval Slowdowns

Application Approval Slowdowns image

“Hey Laura, where’s my application approval? It’s way overdue.” Causes During COVID, there was a significant uptick in residency applicants in Costa Rica. Many new retirees fled the scourge de jour (politics, social degradation, COVID lockdowns) up north and in the E.U. At the same time, the DGME (Costa Rica Immigration) had its doors closed […]

Costa Rica announces new 180-day entry visas

Image reflecting plane and passport with the text Costa Rica announces new 180-day entry visas.

Effective Friday, September 8, 2023, entry visas for Group One Country tourists entering Costa Rica will, at the discretion of the customs officers, be granted a 180-day visa stamp. It is a privilege. Not a right. Here again is the crucial paragraph: (Translated) The Regulations for the Granting of Visas were reformed on June 15, […]