Greatest Thing About Costa Rica

Picture of Fresh Fruit from Costa Rica

Dear reader, here is some excellent news about Costa Rica to lift your spirits. I guarantee you will not find this on any other Costa Rica website. I will begin with a short story. In 2003, in Canada, I had been doing weeks of rigorous study at university, including all-nighters, to complete assignments. I was […]

Driving in Costa Rica

Images of driving in Costa Rica

In a word: Different. You need to re-frame your idea of how to drive when you come to Costa Rica.  Road behaviors that can get you arrested and have your license suspended in your home country are often ignored here in Costa Rica. So you are left dealing with some really intrusive and outrageous habits […]

How to choose where to live in Costa Rica

Sunset collage of images from Costa Rica

So, you are contemplating a move to Costa Rica after being intrigued by the promise of its unique beauty and livability. Going back to 1500, Christopher Columbus gave it the name which translates into “Rich Coast.” It had nothing to do with gold, despite that being a major preoccupation. (And there was gold here.) Without drifting off […]