Purchasing a New or Used Vehicle in Costa Rica

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What follows is based on my experience, plus the real-world expertise of immediate family and close friends in the automotive service business here in Costa Rica. Begin by carefully re-considering your brand bias. Many of those were developed with biased logic. Whatever brand you plan to purchase, look up its reliability ratings before making a […]

Driving in Costa Rica

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In a word: Different. You need to re-frame your idea of how to drive when you come to Costa Rica.  Road behaviors that can get you arrested and have your license suspended in your home country are often ignored here in Costa Rica. So you are left dealing with some really intrusive and outrageous habits […]

Tax-Free Vehicle Importation

Subjects covered: Most of the emails I receive about importation are about vehicles. As for the importation of furniture and other personal effects, check with your customs broker once you submit the actual list to them as to what you intend to import and if, in fact, going for tax exoneration with all its red […]